"As an optimist and realist, I've seen that generosity can heal communities"

Gina Miller

"If you haven't got charity in your heart, you've got the worst kind of heart trouble"

Bob Hope

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness"

Desmond Tutu

Our goal is the tactical deployment of funds and services to the army of heroic community charities working at the front line of social and environmental issues.

Our over-arching focus is to magnify the conversation on giving and charity so all parties benefit. We achieve this by focusing on:

  • Relationships based on respect, understanding and outcomes
  • Moving the donor dial to 'head and heart' as well as 'heart'
  • Trust and transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Longer-term thinking


There is a growing appetite amongst donors to engage third parties to better understand and target more efficient, smarter giving. However, many of these third parties advisers are providing legal, financial and social investing services. We offer none of these. The True and Fair Foundation offers donors an opportunity to receive the best bang for their buck.

Giving smarter does not only require applying sound principles or governance in choosing effective programs that achieve sustainable change. It also involves becoming knowledgeable and seeing beyond the myths and anecdotes, to the raw reality of issues.

In our experience this is achieved by working with people who are experienced experts, who are trusted in the communities and by the people they work with. The extraordinary army of people who dedicate themselves to helping others so that wider society benefits. What better investment than to enrich their ability to transform lives.

100% Free as all costs are underwritten by the founders

For Donors (Individual and Corporate)

  • Meetings to uncover the giving needs and passions of donors
  • Site visits to proposed grantees / charity partners - logistics and communications managed between all parties so donors can meet not just the charity or project leaders, but frontline workers and beneficiaries / clients
  • 100% of any monetary donations, including Gift Aid, goes to the end charities
  • Six monthly reporting on agreed Key Performance Indicators and impact

Match Making Volunteer Service

  • Volunteering opportunities for family members, staff and clients
  • Skills and product matching for those wishing to give other resources

For Advisers

Whilst most advisers assist clients with setting up the structures and tax efficiencies around foundations and charitable giving, many do not offer due diligence or sourcing of effect charities to support and fund.

The True and Fair Foundation sources for a number of advisers and institutions - lawyers, accountants, IFAs, consultants, University placements and projects, to ensure their clients' investments in society are being effectively used.