"As an optimist and realist, I've seen that generosity can heal communities"

Gina Miller

"If you haven't got charity in your heart, you've got the worst kind of heart trouble"

Bob Hope

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness"

Desmond Tutu





December 2015 - True and Fair Foundation

The Hornet's Nest: A Review of Charitable Spending By UK Charities, December 2015

Press Releases & Statements

12th December 2015 - Telegraph

One in five of Britain's biggest charities spend less than 50 per cent on good works, new report claims

Exclusive: Some of the worst offenders are some of Britain's best known voluntary organisations such as Cancer Research UK ...

13th December 2015 - Response

True and Fair Foundation - Response to Critics of The True and Fair Foundation's Hornet's Nest Report

True and Fair Foundation responds to false comments made by the Charity Commission, ACEVO, NCVO and other critics following the publication of our Report ...

Media Coverage

13th December 2015 - The Independent

One in five charities spend less than half their donated money on good causes, says new report

The report by the True and Fair Foundation said that 1,020 charities were spending as little as one per cent on their causes ...

13th December 2015 - The Sun Online

Shocking figures claim one in five of the UK's biggest charities 'spend less than half of total income on good causes'

A NUMBER of UK charities have been branded an "utter disgrace" after shocking new figures claim one in five spend less than half of their total income on good causes ...

13th December 2015 - Metro.co.uk

Worried about where your charity donations are going? Here's what you need to know

A new report has come out accusing major charities of spending less than half their public donations on good work ...

12th December 2015 - MailOnline

One in five of the UK's biggest charities are 'spending less than half of public donations on good causes'

(and some spend as little as ONE PER CENT on charitable work) ...

12th November 2015 - Times Woman

Times Woman: Gina Miller Answers 'Caitlin's Feminist Five' Questions

Gina Miller, the founder and chairman of Miller Philanthropy, is in the chair ...

18th September 2015 - Financial Times

More bang for your donated buck

Surely we want to give our money to the charities that are really ... "It's seen as the sector of the angels," says Gina Miller, founder of Miller ...

14th August 2015 - Financial Times

Charity donors urged to 'think like investors'

Donors have been warned to "think like investors" and scrutinise charities' finances before handing over their money, following the closure of ...

17th June 2015 - Philanthropy Impact Magazine

Gina Miller - Philanthropy Impact Magazine: 8 - SPRING 2015

6570 Days to Make a Difference - Philanthropist Gina Miller. When I was asked to contribute this article to Philanthropy Impact, I was delighted to share my thoughts but rather daunted by the enormity of the question ...

12th March 2015 - Philanthropy Impact Magazine

Head and Heart - Gina Miller - Page 9, Philanthropy Impact Magazine, Winter 2015

Head and Heart - Philanthropist Gina Miller, Talks about Making a Difference Today. Page 9, Philanthropy Impact Magazine, Winter 2015 ...