Gina Miller : Founder & Chair

Having grown up in Guyana, South America, Gina has seen the negative impacts of dysfunctional political systems, environmental abuse and the heart breaking effects of extreme poverty.

In the UK, Gina's philanthropic work began at the tender age of 14 years visiting isolated elderly living in East Sussex. Later, during the 1980s and 90s Gina worked with many families and charities that resulted from the St Paul's Riots in Bristol. The riot had occurred against a background of increasing racial tension, poor housing and alienation felt by many young people. After disturbances, local authorities and government also began to pay attention to these issues and the effects of social injustice.

Gina is respected as a successful businesswoman whose principled, strategic, and passionate approach is mirrored in her philanthropy. Over the last 20 years she has her work with 47 charities in 12 countries.

In 2009 Gina's grave concern for the survival of small community charities after the financial crisis saw her launch the precursor to The True and Fair Foundation, Miller Philanthropy.

Some of Gina's More Recent Charity Credentials

  • Actively working with a portfolio of 10 - 12 charities / projects at any one time
  • Gina co-authored two 'state of the nation' Centre for Social Justice Reports into the third sector
  • Media commentator on the Third Sector and philanhtopy: BBC News & Breakfast, Sky News, Financial Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Third Sector Magazine, Finance Monthly, Evening Standard, Philanthropy Impact Magazine, Spears Magazine, CityAm, Steeple Times
  • Founder of The True and Fair Campaign calling for enhanced consumer protection and ethics within the investment and pensions industry
  • Founder of The True and Fair Calculator - a global first in being free online tool that gives users the ability to see the true Total Cost of their investments
  • Core Funder of research and report into modern day slavery. This Report was a catalyst in progressing the new Modern Slavery Bill going through the UK parliament
  • Board member of Philanthropy Impact
  • Ongoing work with research and initiatives to better understand autism and the wider spectrum of special needs

Gina's passion and philanthropic mindset takes many forms and infuses everything she does.