"As an optimist and realist, I've seen that generosity can heal communities"

Gina Miller

"If you haven't got charity in your heart, you've got the worst kind of heart trouble"

Bob Hope

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness"

Desmond Tutu

Head & Heart

About Us

Throughout history the peacock has been used to symbolise some of the most admired human characteristics - integrity, nobility, guidance, protection and watchfulness. We at the True and Fair Foundation believe these qualities can also display our true humanitarian colours.

The Founder of the True and Fair Foundation, Gina Miller, has a simple view. Her family is hugely blessed due to her and her husband's successes, but they know that with that success comes responsibility. Their core family belief is that the most powerful and worthwhile investment they can make is in society itself.

The family leads by example so all costs associated with the True and Fair Foundation are underwritten by the Miller Family. All donations are passed on in full, including any Gift Aid.

The True and Fair Foundation Vision:

  • To encourage those who have been successful to give back to the communities that afford their success
  • To increase philanthropy and common good in an era of growing inequality, social fragmentation and smaller state funding
  • To lessen the burden of giving for time poor donors and philanthropists who wish to give smarter, and in a more efficient, transparent manner
  • To support dynamic grassroots charities doing transformational work with the most vulnerable and isolated in society, including those seeking to preserve our environment
  • To promote a more strategic business-like approach to charity
Gina Miller

Gina Miller

Founder & Chair

Jacqueline Parker

Jacqueline Parker

Admin & Client Relationships